The specialties of our kitchen

One thousand flavours’ pizzas

Prepared as the ancient Neapolitan traditions and mores teach us, we take also in consideration the water and the tomato characteristics. We create an elastic and soft pizza with a high edge.

The genuine selected ingredients from the Campania region are the real protagonists.

We offer all kind of toppings and the dough, as the Neapolitan tradition wants, raise more than 8 hours to become high and soft and without fats.

The pizza is cooked with oak wood in a wood oven build by Neapolitan artisans.

The typical bread taste is combined with the extra virgin olive oil taste together with the unique tomato flavour.


Traditional speciality from Campania region for all tastes

Let yourself be tempted by our flavoursome antipasti: suppli with a juicy mozzarella heart, crunchy potato crocchè, tasty zeppoline and pastacresciute (typical round and salty fritters) to eat while you wait for the pizza. Not to forget our pumpkin flowers and salted codfish fillets which come from Roman tradition.


Wednesdays parmigiana.

Wednesday is an established appointment for parmigiana lovers. The traditional recipe is perfected by the oven cooking.

Another classic of Neapolitan cuisine, not to be missed.


A genuine touch in our homemade desserts

Allow yourself a last pleasure with our Neapolitan pastiera or with the traditional caprese cake.

Let us whet your gluttony with typical homemade chocolate salami or with the delicious capriccio perfect for the most exigent palates.