About us

We are Neapolitan pizza lovers, the one which is soft to the touch, crunchy, enticing and scrumptious to the palate. It is for these reasons that since 1997, our kitchen offers a corner of Neapolitan flavour in the hearth of Pigneto area, in a cheerful and cosy atmosphere.

Nothing is left to chance. Our ingredients from Campania (Naples’ region) are selected carefully. From the buffalo mozzarella which gives that fresh flavour to the d.o.c. pizzas, to the fior di latte mozzarella. From the soft wheat flour, the brewer’s yeast, our fresh tomatoes to the extra-virgin olive oil and the basil.

Neapolitan artisans created our colourful wood oven where we burn an oak-wood fire, which guaranties an even cooking that leaves our dough deep and soft.

It is our pleasure to serve a tasty pizza made with all our love and passion.

We are also part of the association AVPN which certifies the real Neapolitan pizza.  www.pizzanapoletana.org/

Our pizza is exclusively made with top quality Italian products. We have all the product traceability documents, together with the technical information and the HACCP certifications (Reg.CE852/2004).

In all the work process stages, we can guarantee the traceability in respect of the legislation of Reg. CE 178/2002.

Calamat is leader company in distribution of these products. Their quality is well affirmed between their customers and the consumers.

Pizza is part of the Neapolitan patrimony, we should eat it only if we have the certainties of a knowledgeable staff and certified ingredients.